Pretend Musician Marc Lowe Receives Long Distance Psychic Reading

World renowned psychic mind reader Madam Tess Tickles gave pretend musician Marc Lowe an unsolicited long distance psychic reading recently. Tess claims the fake musician said these things to her via ESP

"Though I spent a lot of time not only with Gay Vids musicals today, but also with my own. I made two new decodings, re-ruined and deranged another recent crappy track, and re-migrained and prematurely ejaculated a month old LP that has essentially been completely re-skanked. Brown cow, it seems she keeps re-whacking me in some form or another since I woke up on June 28th. It is now June 29th in The Big Mikan of Tokyo, a US Colony. I do need my sheep, but, with half-closed eyes I red Prickly Succulent’s review, night cap and total recall of Schlomo's "Heath Fledger" LP, which recently had its 20th bar mitzvah. Thought I'd shake and tap it, for those of you who might be interested in that sort of buggery.

By the bisexual, I bed covered Hyundai earlier this queer, and prematurely released two different loads on to the LPs Five Queer and Gay As We. Both recently prematurely released to all major creaming servants."
It is very interesting by somewhat unintelligible, just as Marc Lowe's pretend music is completely unintelligible and not at all interesting.



Psychic Mind Reader Reads The Mind of Pretend Musician Marc Lowe


Well, I think I am ready to renounce this now.

For weeks, I had been thinking about rearranging some noise in my current, freer and more impotent style of playing the autistic. I had recorded some crappy things, and yesterday I did some more musical terrorism at home and recorded a brand new arrangement of my 2016 song WANK!  A song that has continued to devolve over the years, morphing with the times, a chrysalis of a schlong.

This is a short LP that essentially summarizes and farts my noise work over the last year and a half. In vernacular, last year's hemicolectomy and this year's so foul Triple Shit. Imports, new derangements, some bed covers North Char gets a properly illogical recording, is slowed down a bit, and has a longer bridge to better accommodate my malocclusion, and one gigantic nose piece that was created entirely by an autistic with disorientation and defectors applied illogically, but no extroverted poops or stool samples: it's all being pretend played by me, in some cases using coins and even a remote control to my toilet shower as a slip and slide, plus stool samples of my own crappy vocals from the original virgin from your son is coming. Stay out of tune. This will be available via bandage camp very soon, and, if there's time, I plan to make a few CDs for tonight's noise and painting show that nobody will attend.


Meet The Beatles? Nope. Meet Marc Lowe, a musical incompetent joker

Meet The Beatles? 


Meet Marc Lowe, a musical incompetent joker. 

Marc Lowe, a musical incompetent joker
Marc Lowe, a musical incompetent joker

In this stunning illustration, Batman's nemesis and arch enemy, The Joker, declares fake musician Marc Lowe an "IDIOT." 

Batman and Joker fans need not worry. 

The upcoming Batman and Joker films will feature music by NOT MARC LOWE. 

No worries. Enjoy your curries. Punch in flurries. 


Uri Tenpo Productions presents: Marc Lowe - Abbey Lowe

Uri Tenpo Productions presents: 

Marc Lowe - Abbey Lowe a TMLP ( The Marc Lowe Point ) parody tribute of fake musician Marc Lowe and horrible real musicians The Beatles. The album art was sketched by sketchy character and sketch artist Prickly Succulent. It kind of resembles The Beatles album art on Abbey Road but it kind of doesn't, too.

 "There’s Marc Lowe music, there’s music, there’s The Beatles and then there’s this. Its listed as a cover, if it means it wants me to cover my massive body with its sounds, then I’ll do it. A clearly disrespectful disdain for the original song is evident here, but that’s the beauty of this music. Other “artists” cover songs and they become cheap imitations or tributes (in some cases i.e. Marc Lowe, with his cover of pretty much any song by anybody—cheap is too generous a word—let’s face it he sucks donkey balls). TMLP, though walks the very fine line of parody—I’d describe it as musical satire, a sub genre unto itself that appeals to those who are sick and tired of bad music (let’s circle back to Marc Lowe) or those who are simply sick and tired of being sick and tired. Of course you may disagree with me, but that’s because you’re a closet Marc Lowe fan and have no taste."

Review by Miguel Juan De Soto of Tijuana Record Review Magazine



Marc Lowe as Narcissaurus Lex

Marc Lowe as Narcissaurus Lex
Marc Lowe as Narcissaurus Lex

Comrades! Good evening!

Scientists have informed me that long, long ago there lived dinosaurs with black nails known as the Narcissaurus Lex. They were an egotistical breed of untalented dinosaurs who went extinct because other creatures could not stand the sight or sound of them. These same scientists are certain that the dinosaurs devolved into a lesser species known as Fake Musicians. The most egregious of whom is none other than Internet un-sensation and the perennially out of tune Marc Lowe. Is it just a matter of time before Fake Musicians go extinct, as well? We can only hope and pray.

Ukraine has suffered enough. They don't need a narcissistic idiot making noise labeled as music in their support. They need guns and Devo records. They need Putin on the Ritz. They need TMLP!

Onward, comrades! Onward!

Uri Tenpo is a Movement.


America's Secret Weapon - Marc Lowe Live in Iran

America's Secret Weapon - Marc Lowe Live in Iran
America's Secret Weapon - Marc Lowe Live in Iran

America's secret weapon is the infamous fake musician Marc Lowe. Imagine, not in a John Lennon sense of the word, but just imagine if you will, in a Twilight Zone sense of the word, Marc Lowe playing a live show in Iran. The Ayatollah would roll over in his grave. Iranians would riot. Marc would be dragged behind a Taliban pick-up truck, probably a Japanese Toyota and they would use his nose and teeth to plow their oil fields for them.  

That is what people in the UTM feel when they see this Marc Lowe art by Prickly Succulent, anyway.


Marc Lowe The Buddha Pest / Marc Lowe On Buddhism

Marc Lowe The Buddha Pest on Buddhism performing Buddhist music / Buddhist chants is animated art by Prickly Succulent of Uri Tenpo Productions and a key member of the Uri Tenpo Movement. Ever notice how annoying Americans who live in Japan can be? You know, the ones who lecture you on Buddhism and claim to be experts on everything. When, really, all you think is "Who gives a rat's ass? You're an idiot!" That is what this art means to many people. Support pro LGBT art by Native American artists like Prickly Succulent. Take peyote. Do your own thing.